11u Riddle Baseball

P413 11u Riddle

Meet 11u P413 Riddle.

From left to right: Rocket, Gronk, Monkey, Long Gone, Wheels, Ace, Caveman, Shen Shady, Ripper, Noggin & Turtle.

Head Coach: Jerry Riddle with assistant coach Aaron Young.

These young men have showed tremendous growth throughout the course of the last season. They have accelerated their baseball skills, improved their baseball knowledge and truly learned the concepts of winning team baseball. More importantly, this team has learned to achieve success with integrity, good sportsmanship, and hard work, while fostering a true love of the game. Along the way, these young men have explored their spirituality, deepened their faith and have had a ton of fun! We as coaches could not be more proud of this group of boys! ~ Coach Jerry Riddle

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